There are many ways that you can get involved in your community and give back. Does your school have a home and school association? Is there an organisation that provides food to the homeless.  How can you help out? Start at home and extend in to your community and then out in to the world! No good deed goes unnoticed.


Tikkun Olam is Hebrew for  performing acts of kindness to repair the world. Have you ever noticed that when you eat well and take care of yourself you feel healthy? Doing good deeds makes you feel healthy too! Every gesture of kindness and love will bring joy to the world and repair it!

I've always wanted to have a Lemonade Stand. In August of 2018, on Sunday afternoon I had some great friends join me at my house and with the help of my parents and family and our awesome community we were able to raise another $400 in 4 hours! i had set a goal of $250 so I was really thrilled with the results. All four hundred dollars will also go to the hospital.