How it all got started.....

Hi! I'm Cameron.  I'm a forth grade student at Edgewater Elementary in Pincourt, Canada.

When I was 2 years old my family began to notice something strange with my left eye.  It could have been so many things. Parents Google and they worry from the search results.  Luckily it was a reversible condition called strabismus. My eyes looked crossed but I was otherwise healthy. With the help of my doctor, Dr. Ayesha Khan at the Montreal Children's Hospital (MCH), and her wonderful team I began my treatment. I had to wear a patch over my right eye all day every day and do exercises to make my eye stronger. At first I was shy to do this. I knew I looked different. My friends at daycare were surprised but it was mostly grown-ups asking what was wrong with my eye,  or if I was a Pirate.  I didn't like that. Sometimes I didn't want to wear my patch. But my family convinced me that if I wanted my eye to get stronger I had to make good decisions for myself and so I wore it.

When I was 4 years old it was time for my surgery. I was afraid but I was already used to seeing Dr. Khan and I trusted her. My Mother, Father and Step-Father were with me. I was ready. When I woke up from my operation I felt like I had sand in my eye.  It hurt! After a few days of rest I was back to my usual active self. I had to keep wearing my patch. I still do 1 hour a day on the weekends, 4 years later!

When I went back to see Dr. Khan for my first post-surgery check-up we were all so happy because my eye was straight again!  I wear glasses to help my eye and it might always be a little bit weak. But there are much worse things in life than a weak eye or a crooked eye. There are children who come to the hospital and never get to leave.

My family and I are truly grateful for the care I received from the MCH. So one evening my parents asked me what I wanted for my 7th birthday. We spoke about other kids who gave back their birthday money to the hospital and so I decided I didn't want any presents.  Instead my family could give gifts directly to the hospital. I like games and raffles so suddenly we started to talk about having a raffle. We could ask people we know to donate prizes. We could even buy a few prizes. We could ask all the people we know if they'd like to buy a ticket. Mummy asked me how much I'd like my tickets to be.  "$2!" And just like that my birthday raffle was born! That first year we raised $3015.


The Danielle Hebert Friendship Award!

Pincourt, June 2017

I was so proud to receive this award from my school Edgewater Elementary, at the end of grade 2.

It's for friendship, sharing, perseverance and cheerfulness.

8 other kids from my school were nominated and received certificates. I was proud to win this award because I feel it's very important for people to be kind to each other. You never know what another person could be going through at home. Some kids have parents who fight a lot. Some have baby brothers and sisters keeping them up at night. We have to be patient with each other!


I RAISED $13'000 SO FAR!!

2017 Cameron and Family